Fisherman Takes a Fifteen Foot Fall in Barry

  Posted: 09.11.19 at 11:48 by The Editor

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Barry Coastguard had an early start to their Saturday morning as they went to rescue a casualty who had fallen 15ft near the Barry Lighthouse.

They said: ''In the Early hours of this morning at 01.08 hrs, Our team were paged for a Medical evacuation.

''A Fisherman had taken a 15ft fall down the rock arm, Near the Lighthouse at Barry Dock.

''Working with South Wales HART team, The Casualty was located and treated for his Injuries.

''A safe exit was planned due to the area, And our Urban Anchor set up was used for Safety hand rails.

''Once the Casualty was stable, they were stretched out to the waiting Ambulance.

''After re packing equipment, our team return home around 5:00 am.''

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