Nub News' Senedd Election quiz

By Ellyn Wright

24th Apr 2022 | Local News

After Wales went to the polls yesterday, we're now awaiting the results of the Senedd election. Counting started this morning, so in the meantime why not test your knowledge with our Senedd election quiz?

Answers on a polling card please!


  1. When was the Senedd created?
  2. How many Senedd elections have there been since its inception?
  3. Why was the 2015 Senedd election postponed?
  4. How many years separate each election?
  5. How many members make up the Senedd?
  6. Which people were allowed to vote in this year's election for the first time?
  7. How many seats are needed to win?
  8. What was the Senedd Cymru formerly known as?
  9. When did the current Senedd building open?
  10. Not including the results of this election, how many individuals have served as MSs (or AMs)?


  1. 1999
  2. Five
  3. Because of the General Election. The Senedd election took place in 2016.
  4. Five years
  5. 60
  6. 16 and 17-year-olds and legally resident foreign nationals
  7. Over 30 seats
  8. The National Assembly for Wales
  9. St David's Day 2006
  10. 142


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