Max Boyce's 'Ode to Barry Island'

By Ellyn Wright

24th Apr 2022 | Local News

Welsh comedian Max Boyce
Welsh comedian Max Boyce

For this week's newsletter-only story, we're sharing a song written by Welsh comedian Max Boyce.

In his 'Ode to Barry Island' Max Boyce reminisces about his childhood trips to our seaside spot.

You can listen to a performance of the song [L] [L=] here[.L] and sing along.

"I remember Miner's Fortnight when I was just a lad

We'd go to Barry Island, the weather always bad

In a brand new shirt and shoes that hurt,

The one's mam saved to buy

To go to Barry Island on that last week in July.

We'd catch a Western by the square, my bucket in my hand

Then all the fuss to get on the bus and we always had to stand

Then I'd be sick

And my shoes I'd kick,

The ones mam saved to buy

To go to Barry Island on that last week in July.

They'd put me by the drivers seat for me to 'ave some air

And my mother'd say

"He's never this way"

She'd come and comb my hair

Then I'd see the sea and I'd want to pee

And if I couldn't I'd cry

When we went to Barry Island on that last week in July.

Our caravan, "The Waters Edge", 10 miles from the sea!

And we'd drag the cases over and we didn't have the key.

We couldn't light the gas lamp, I've gone and marked my tie

When I went to Barry Island on that last week in July.

I'm on the beach, It's Sunday

I've got a friend called Russ

I'll 'ave to buy another bucket,

Left mine on the bus.

I've cut my foot, It's bleedin

My cousin says, "You'll die"

And we'll bury you in Barry Island on the last week in July.

I'm going to the fair tonight, my bucket full of o' shells

The weather forecast's settled now, with dry and sunny spells.

I've brought Mamgu a present and I'd wave the sea goodbye

My mother's found my plastic mac and the weather's nice and dry

Aye, that's how I remember Miner's Fortnight, when I was just a lad

I went to Barry Island and the weather always bad."


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