St Fagans Museum Makes it onto Lonely Planet's Ultimate UK Travel List

  Posted: 13.08.19 at 14:05 by The Editor

St. Fagans has made it into Lonely Planet's first ever edition of the Ultimate UK Travel List.

St. Fagans has been ranked 159th out of the 500 listed places.

The UK’s four constituent countries and countless small islands comprise a powerhouse of history, culture and intrigue.

Now for the first time, Lonely Planet’s community of travel experts have chosen the 500 best sights and experiences and ranked them in order in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist.

In total, 47 Welsh sights and experiences feature in the list.

From the ''ravishing stretch of cliff-flanked coves, thrashing seas, wildflower-freckled moors and hedgerowed tracks'' along the Pembrokeshire Coast (10th) to squeezing into the UK's dinkiest residence at Quay House in Conwy (484th).

To create Lonely Planet’s Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist, the Lonely Planet team compiled every highlight from the Lonely Planet guidebooks to Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Every sight, attraction and experience that had caught their writers’ attention over the years were included.

Everyone in Lonely Planet’s London office, plus 20 leading figures in the country’s travel sector, were then asked to reveal their favourite spots and experiences before the voting began.

Everybody in Lonely Planet’s UK community was asked to vote for their top 20 experiences. With hundreds of votes cast, Lonely Planet ended up with a score for each of the 500 experiences in the book.

Lonely Planet’s VP of Experience, Tom Hall, said: “Lonely Planet’s Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist brings together the UK’s most compelling sights and experiences, ranging from world-class museums and giant cathedrals to rollicking festivals, inky lochs and tiny pubs.''

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