Keep an Eye Out for Plastic Coils Washed Up on Barry Beaches

  Posted: 28.02.20 at 12:29 by The Editor

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Plastic Coils from a container ship on passage from Ireland to the Netherlands were washed off during the storms last week and are turning up on beaches in Barry and across the UK.

The National Coastwatch Institution Porthcawl explained what had happened. In a statement they said: ''One of the containers opened and 30 pallets of plastic coils got swept into the sea, 200 coils in total.

''Over the weekend these coils are getting washed up along the coastline from North Wales, up the Bristol Channel and across the North Devon Coastline.

''We have spotted around 10 coils in total around Porthcawl alone. More recently, 6 coils washed up at Newton beach.

''We have contacted the UK branch of the company Pipelife UK who manufactured the coils and discovered that they are coordinating a salvage recovery exercise utilising local authorities and local waste collection specialists.

''We have been asked if we could record any sightings of coils and contact them directly so that they can arrange recovery.

''NCI stations from Aberystwyth to Barry are on the lookout for the coils and if anyone sees some they can contact us, supporting the manufacturers recovery programme and helping to fight plastic pollution in the seas. Our telephone number is 01656 782936.''

On the 26th of February, a plastic coil was recorded at Rhoose Beach and removed. It is awaiting recovery by the Vale Council.

In an updated statement the NCI Porthcawl said: ''A big thanks to all who have contacted us over the last few days giving us details of sightings of the pipe coils, we are passing on the information on a daily basis to Pipelife UK and providing the exact location data along with potential access issues.

''So far with your help, we have located 23 potential sightings and 10 of these have already been recovered.

''Pipelife UK is using a local waste recovery company who are using our data to assist them, however, some areas will take longer due to access issues, but they are endeavouring to get it all sorted ASAP.''

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