Barry's Weekly Market to Reopen in New Area Temporarily

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 16:29 by The Editor

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Barry Market to return to a new area in Kings Square as part of a temporary move due to the coronavirus restrictions.

The intention would be that when it is safe to do so, and in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines, the market will move back to the current allotted area on Holton Road when the Council gives the market operator notice to do so.

The existing licence agreement allows the market operator to hold an open-air market every Tuesday on Holton Road. At the request of the Council, the market was suspended at the start of the lockdown until further notice, due to evidence of stalls continuing to sell non-essential goods and safety concerns associated with pinch points in the allotted area on Holton Road.

It was agreed that the market operator will receive a 3 month’s rent-free period.

Due to social distancing regulations, it is not possible for the market operator to safely hold the open-air market in the current allotted area on Holton Road, as the area is being used by other high street retailers to accommodate their queuing systems.

To facilitate a return to the town centre, a temporary allotted area on King Square has been identified by the Council and the
market operator.

The area has been chosen as it is near to the current allotted area but allows a minimum of four-metre accessways to the Town Hall
and in Central Park.

The market operator was asked to suspend trading on Holton Road from Tuesday, 31st March 2020. It is proposed that the earliest they will be able to resume trading is Tuesday, 4th August 2020.

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