Barry Coastguard Callouts: Drinking on a Dinghy and Tombstoning

  Posted: 31.05.20 at 19:47 by The Editor

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Barry Coastguard were called out today to reports of an inflatable dinghy with two men who had been drinking.

They said: "Tonight at 17.34 pm, our volunteer team were paged. The location was the Old Dock in Barry, 2 males in an inflatable dinghy.

"On scene we were able to request they left the water as they had been drinking and were without any life jackets.

"Docks are cold dangerous places.

"During this call a second call came in that youths were jumping into a different part of the Old dock, Our team split to advise them to leave and also to the Dangers.

"Again water and Alcohol do not mix and there are many dangers below the surface."

Barry Coastguard

The team have also had to deal with a number of calls to incidents of tombstoning.

They said: "Our Team have been conducting Patrols of areas where people are gathering and could be a danger to them.

"During these Patrols we have been tasked to young people who are jumping into the water, known as Tombstoning.

"There are many risks doing this, Even on hot days the water will be very cold and You have no idea what is below the surface.

"You could end up with life changing injuries."

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