Wild Flower Initiative Begins in Barry

  Posted: 05.08.19 at 11:52 by The Editor

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Members from Barry Action for Nature, Porthkerry Wildlife Group and Birch Grove Conservation Group have united and spent the last few weeks collecting Yellow Rattle seed in order to sow the seeds on the meadow adjacent to Marine Drive.

Yellow Rattle is a special flower which parasites on the roots of grasses and so allowing other wild flowers to thrive.

The Chairman of Barry Action for Nature told the press:
"I would like to start by thanking the Vale of Glamorgan Council for having the vision to restore areas of the green in front of Marine Drive to rewild a flower meadow in order to benefit nature.

''It will take a number of years for the wild flowers to return but eventually this meadow will provide food for our birds, butterflies, hedgehogs and bees and perhaps one day we may even see Kestrels again.''

''The Council have also cut paths so dog walkers are not disturbed. It's a win for people and wildlife!"

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