Vale of Glamorgan Teachers Face Criticism as Key Worker Status is Misunderstood

  Posted: 30.03.20 at 16:02 by The Editor

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Teachers across the Vale of Glamorgan have faced a backlash from members of the public due to a lack of understanding of key workers and their movements amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers around the Vale continue to attend school to care for vulnerable children and those of key workers, ensuring parents that perform vital roles can help respond to Coronavirus.

Such key workers include health and social care professionals, the emergency services and others that have a crucial part to play in keeping the country moving.

Despite their selfless action, there have been cases of teachers and pupils in the Vale being criticised by members of the public, who do not realise their unique situation means some of the restrictions placed on others do not apply.

Teachers working at a school are following UK Government guidance as far as possible, though they find themselves in an exceptional position and one central to the national effort.

Cllr Lis Burnett, Vale of Glamorgan Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for regeneration and Education, said: “Teachers are doing all they can in the battle against Coronavirus by going into work in difficult circumstances to look after vulnerable children and those of key workers.

“That effort is hugely important and appreciated. I would ask everyone to support the teachers and pupils that are still in school as they are carrying out important work during this difficult period.”

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