Vale Councillors Climate Emergency Declaration is Welcomed by Campaigners

  Posted: 05.08.19 at 12:28 by The Editor

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Climate campaigners from across the Vale of Glamorgan have welcomed the decision by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to declare a "Climate Emergency" following a 500 signature petition organised by Barry Action for Nature.

The call for the Council to take action could not be more poignant with the hottest day ever in the UK, being recorded in Cambridge with 38.7 degrees.

This went hand in hand with temperature records being broken in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France, along with the burning of the pine forests of the Arctic and the rain forests of the Amazon.

Chairman of Barry Action for Nature, Rob Curtis, told the press:

"We welcome the Vale of Glamorgan Council's decision to declare a Climate Emergency but were disappointed that the Conservative Councillors decided to abstain on such an important issue.

''We were also saddened by Councillor Kevin Mahoneys decision to vote against the motion, especially when he represents the coastal community of Sully.

Olivia Gee aged 5 campaigning for the penguins who could not attend due to the exceptionally warm weather

''We fully realise that all the conservation work carried out by Barry Action for Nature will count for nothing if we do not tackle climate change.''

''The Vale of Glamorgan declaring a Climate Emergency is just one moment in our journey to a Carbon neutral society. Westminster, the Welsh Government, local government and us as individuals all must take urgent action.

''The biggest danger to stopping Climate Change is the attitude that someone else will do something.

''So we were thankful for all the support we have received from people across the Vale of Glamorgan."

Members from Barry Action for Nature, Porthkerry Wildlife Group and Birch Grove Conservation Group have united and spent the last few weeks collecting...