Rescued Hoglets to be Released in Porthkerry Park After Successful Recovery

  Posted: 29.07.20 at 17:11 by The Editor

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A number of Hoglets found by a local family have left their rescue centre and will be released back into the wild at Porthkerry Park in Barry as soon as they are strong enough.

The Vale Council said: ''Earlier this month we shared the story of some rescued hoglets.

"The four hoglets are doing well and have now grown enough to leave the rescue centre and continue their journey in a family garden.

"Once they are strong enough, they will be released back into the wild at Porthkerry Country Park."

The successful rescue took place thanks to a Local Nature Partnership funded wildlife camera.

After hearing snuffling and squeaking in the garden, the Hunt family decided to check their borrowed wildlife camera.

Upon looking at the footage, they found that their local hedgehog hadn’t been around for a few days and they began to get worried.

Sadly, when they searched the area they found the hedgehog in the road and began to wonder what the squeaking could have been.

They contacted the HedgehogHelpline who recommended they check for a nest, which is where they found a number of little hoglets.

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