Pencoedtre High School GCSE Results Day

  Posted: 22.08.19 at 09:25 by The Editor

This year has seen a phenomenal set of GCSE results being achieved by Pencoedtre High School and its pupils.

The school is extremely pleased with its sixteen year olds this year who have achieved superb results across the board with 72% of its pupils getting at least a C-grade in English, 62% of its pupils getting at least a C-grade in Mathematics/Numeracy and 68% of its pupils getting at least a C-grade in Science.

To add to this 59% of its pupils got at least 5 good GCSE qualifications, including English and Mathematics and also 17% of its pupils achieved at least 5A*/A grades.

Tyrone Davies, the headteacher, stated that this “was his best experience as a school leader” and gave credit to the school’s pupils and its teachers.

Mrs. Dix, Head of Year 11, said: “I was very proud of all my pupils who had worked extremely hard, got the results they deserved and have matured into a lovely group. They are a credit to their families and to Barry”.

The school’s highest achievers were:

• Bethan Thomas – 8A* 1A and a Distinction in Additional Maths
• Angelina Olds – 3A* 5A and a Distinction in Additional Maths
• Isobel Stevens – 2A* 5A
• Ina Lalik – 2A* 6A
• Joscelin Hall – 4A* 3A
• Megan Kerslake – 1A* 7A
• Charlotte Dobbs – 3A* 5A

A special mention was also given to Ffion Spence who passed all her exams, including achieving 5 As, at the same time as representing Wales (U17) at football this year.

This summer’s results confirm a successful first year for Pencoedtre High School.

Besides successfully establishing coeducation for 11-16 year olds in the East of Barry, and welcoming boys for the first time, the school has also been working with the local authority in designing a brand-new school building to be built and opened on its site by the autumn of 2021.

There are exciting times ahead for Pencoedtre High School.

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