Park Crescent and Barry Road Post Offices to Remain Temporarily Closed During Coronavirus Lockdown

  Posted: 26.03.20 at 12:42 by The Editor

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Two post offices in Barry will remain closed temporarily whilst the severity of the coronavirus is dealt with and to keep staff and customers safe.

The managers of the popular post offices said: ''Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we are dealing with we have decided to keep both Park Crescent Post Office and Barry Road Post Office temporarily closed until we actually know the severity of the current virus pandemic.

''We feel this is the safest way to help minimise risk to customers, staff and my family.

''Although the post office has been stated as an essential service, I feel the main essential services are Gas and Electric, which is why I feel my services will be better used if I go around and collect pre-paid top-up electric keys and gas cards and I will go and top them up for people who are unable to get out to get these essential things.

''This will only apply to elderly who cannot get out and genuinely need the help, vulnerable people and any single-parent family who cannot leave their house. I will be doing this tomorrow Thursday 26th March 2020 and then arrange another day next week once there is a system in place.

''I also have some toilet rolls, and kitchen towels I will be giving to people who need it on my rounds. Please could you share this to ensure that anyone who genuinely could do with help can get in contact with me so I can arrange the service for them.

''I will be working with the post office network to ensure the cash machine is maintained, but in light of the current situation this is going to be difficult, so please be thoughtful for other people and only withdraw what is required. Post Office cards can also be used in any Post Office cash machines.

''We thank you for your continued support at this difficult time. Please take care and stay safe. Kind regards, Jay & Family.''

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