Kerbside recycling bins to "initially exclude" most flat-dwellers

  Posted: 08.09.20 at 17:05 by Alex Jones

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Since the Vale of Glamorgan Council recently announced the coming of kerbside separated recycling, flat and apartment dwellers wondered how they might manage the new recycling regime.

Cllr Peter King, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, has informed Nub News that the bins will "initially exclude the majority of flats and apartments."

The bins, due to arrive in Barry and the rural Vale in October, aim to ease the sorting process, improve recycling efficiency and minimise waste.

Residents will be asked to sort their own recycling between three new multicoloured receptacles.

The current three rubbish containers (blue bag for recycling, green caddy for food waste and green bag for garden waste) will be joined by an orange bag for cardboard, a white bag for paper and a grey caddy for glass bottles and jars.

The measure would pose challenges to those living in apartments or flats, as they may not have access to an allotted kerbside on which to leave their bins.

Further details and an instructional video can be found on the Vale Council website ( (Photo credit: Vale of Glamorgan Council)

Cllr King assures the majority of such residents that their current regime will remain in place for the foreseeable future:

"The service change will initially exclude the majority of flats and apartments. These areas will remain on a comingled collection as they mostly use large wheeled bins due to storage and volume issues.

"These will be subject to alternative trials at a later date with a view to obtaining alternative containers that suit the environment ensures residents in flat and apartments can recycle high quality materials, sustainably.

"Where there are 2 or 3 small residential units in one property, there will be options to use 4 separate bags/boxes or an alternative bespoke bag subdivided for convenience. Additionally, Council staff will be on hand to help residents participate with any new service and ensure the type of collection implemented, suits their property design and individual needs."

Please find further details on the Vale of Glamorgan website:

Vale of Glamorgan Council

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