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  Posted: 20.03.20 at 13:21 by The Editor

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Dear Barry,

In these unprecedented times, we have taken the decision to allow all Barry businesses and organisations to advertise on Barry Nub News for free.

We have launched a Local Listing section which has been adapted for the coronavirus. This will allow Barry businesses to tell the public what they are doing in this current crisis, whether they are still open and what changes they have made to their service.

We will promote these businesses and services every day in Barry Nub News articles and on social media whilst this crisis continues. We want to keep you, the Barry people, informed and help the local businesses.

Using our "Nub It" button (link below) Barry businesses and services can enter their details (company picture/logo, website address, business phone number) on to our site.

Whilst our primary function is to offer a news and features service to Barry, one of our principles is to support local businesses and the High Street.

To add your business/shop/service please click on the link to our directory and press the black "Nub It" button. It is very easy to do and takes very little time.

If you have friends or family that run local businesses please make them aware of this service as they do the best they can to keep their business alive.

The more people this gets around, the more successful, informative and helpful it will be. We are all in this together.

Karl Hancock

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