Giant Rainbow Painted on Cat Sanctuary Reminds Residents to Stay Positive

  Posted: 31.03.20 at 16:47 by The Editor

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SHUA Cat Sanctuary in Sully, which also runs a charity shop on Barry High Street, has painted a massive rainbow on the side of their property to remind residents to remain positive and remember there is an end to the coronavirus crisis.

Jacqui, who runs the centre with Kay, said: ‘’Hello to you all out there in this crazy world, I trust and hope you are all doing your best to avoid this damn virus.

‘’Inspired by all the people out there who have been displaying rainbows in their windows to cheer us all up and remind us that a rainbow will appear after this particular storm; we decided (me, Kay and the cats) that we too would try and put a smile on the faces of passers-by.

‘’We have painted our own rainbow on the roadside of the house and it appears to be working - all day long we’ve been getting hoots, toots and waves from passing drivers and similar wishes of good luck from walkers passing by on their daily exercise missions.

‘’Everyone has smiled or laughed - that can't be bad can it? Keep Safe Everyone.’’

A registered Charity, SHUA stands for a Safe House for Unwanted Animals.

Property of SHUA

SHUA is a sanctuary to over 120 resident cats. The charity never allows a healthy animal to be put to sleep, hence the population currently residing at the sanctuary.

Most of the residents are feral, stray’s or have costly health issues attached to them rendering them unsuitable for adoption.

The charity also operates a shop at 97 High St, Barry to help finance the Sanctuary which includes: Vet bills, food, heated pods, cleaning, maintenance, specialised medication, flea & worm treatments, Scratch post/toys, Biffa Waste disposal services etc.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have been forced to shut the shop temporarily. They have also been hit by an inability to hold fundraising events.

The cat charity solely relies on donations and has no government funding. They also have a handful of volunteers who help operate the Charity and keep the Sanctuary running.

Property of SHUA

If anyone would like to donate they can send money to or click this link here.

They have two eBay accounts which are run by volunteers (Shua-trust and Shua). Profits from the items that they sell all go straight back into the charity.

A volunteer has also been selling CD's, DVD's and games to CEX and Music Magpie to help with funding during this difficult time. If you have anything that you can donate to be sold the sanctuary would also be very grateful for these items.

You can also follow the news from the cat sanctuary on their Facebook page, community page and charity shop page. They are also on Instagram @shuatrust.

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