Barry Scout Post for Christmas 2019

  Posted: 26.11.19 at 15:40 by The Editor

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BE Prepared is a scouting motto but youngsters in Barry are more than prepared - they are ready to hit the streets and save residents money with their Christmas card posting.

The 11th Barry Scouts are among a number of scout troops in the area offering 'Scout Post 2019' where for just 30p they will deliver your christmas mail.

Groups involved are given stamps to sell in the area that they deliver to, this is not always the area that they do their Scouting.

Stamps are sold by retail outlets and cards are also posted at the same place.

Stamps go on sale from the end of October and during this period, the cards are collected from the outlets and taken back to group headquarters for sorting into the other areas of the scheme.

During the early part of December the cards for the other areas are brought to a central sort for exchange and swapped with the cards for their own area to be sorted into streets.

This is done for 6 consecutive nights and following this, the cards are delivered to the households. There can be anything from 600,000 -700,000 that are sorted and delivered.

At the very end of the campaign any unsold stamps together with a small portion of the sale are returned to Area. The money raised is used to set for the following year and any surplus goes to Area funds.

You can find the Scout Post outlets for your Barry by clicking the red button below.

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