Barry Island Pleasure Park Set to Reopen By 20th July

  Posted: 08.07.20 at 12:12 by Alex Jones

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“We’re getting ready to put on the biggest show Wales has ever seen,” said Henry Danter, owner of Barry Island Pleasure Park.

The amusement attraction, which has been closed since lockdown began, is due to reopen on (or possibly before) 20th July. Mr Danter’s decision comes as lockdown restrictions are being steadily lifted across the country.

“The end of the five-mile rule definitely helps because people come here from all over the place,” he said. “Hopefully it will be a busy end to the season.”

Although the Welsh government has set no dates for opening theme parks specifically, guidelines do allow ‘outdoor spaces’ to reopen from 13th June. Mr Danter explains why the 20th has been set as the provisional reopening date.

“We’re in contact with government people every day, but still haven’t been given the official go-ahead. We’re planning to reopen on that day because that’s when Oakwood Theme Park [in Pembrokeshire] is. If they can reopen, surely we can.”

“If we’re told we can reopen earlier, then we will. We’re an outdoor space so it’s definitely possible that we’ll be able to reopen on the 13th. We’re just waiting for Eluned Morgan [Minister for International Relations and Welsh Language] to give us the greenlight.”

Mr Danter says he and his team are taking all necessary precautions to ensure visitor safety:

“Whatever’s necessary, we will do. We’ve got more precautions than supermarkets do, doing everything possible - masks, social distancing in queues, hand washing stations, even disinfecting rides after every go. We’re very concerned about it because we’re dealing with people’s lives.”

Mr Danter does not think these restrictions will deter visitors:

“My opinion is that people want to enjoy themselves. School holidays are about to begin and people want to have some fun - life is pretty boring if you don’t.”

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