Barry Action For Nature Embrace the Breeze for Hen Harrier Day

  Posted: 12.08.19 at 09:13 by The Editor

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Barry Action for Nature let their kites take flight to signal their support for the endagered bird of prey - the Hen Harrier.

Sunday marked Hen Harrier Day - one day set aside to help educate the public about the shocking plight of the Hen Harriers in the UK.

Barry Action for Nature, and members of the public, arrived at Knap Point to fly their Hen Harrier inspired kites to bring awareness of the birds plight.

The Hen Harrier is on the brink of extinction in Britain. There is enough habitat for over 300 breeding pairs yet there are only three.

Unfortunately, these birds of prey are being poisoned and shot, particularly by estate owners, because of their hunting of Red Grouse.

Red Grouse is a popular choice for human hunters to shoot.

Not only has the killing of Hen Harriers been against the law for over sixty years but Barry Action for Nature argue it deprives the majority of law-abiding people the joy of seeing these amazing birds of prey.

Chairman of Barry Action for Nature, Rob Curtis, told the press:

"If enough people stand up and be counted then this killing can be stopped. Bad things happen when good people do nothing, please don’t be one of those people who does nothing and then regrets the extinction of the Hen Harrier in the UK.

Even though we have no Red Grouse Shoots in the Vale of Glamorgan I have no doubt that there are people from the Vale who support and attend these shoots...they need to tell the land owners and their gamekeepers that this slaughter must stop."

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