A Local Barry Resident Shares Writing Worksheets for Parents Homeschooling

  Posted: 31.03.20 at 19:01 by The Editor

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An author from Barry has created a number of creative writing resources for primary school children that parents can use as part of their teaching at home routines during the coronavirus outbreak.

Suddenly, parents across the UK have found themselves homeschooling their children as the schools across the country have shut down.

Miranda Emmerson is hoping to help by sharing her creative writing worksheets for children in the school years 3 - 6.

She lives in Barry with her family and her main occupation is as a playwright and author but she occasionally teaches creative writing at the local school.

Her novels include A Little London Scandal, Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars and Fragrant Heart.

She has also contributed to programmes like BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Miranda Emmerson discusses the worksheets on her website. She said: ‘’As a writer and parent to two children in junior school I occasionally teach creative writing to years 3 - 6 in our local school.

‘’I was due to do a couple of these classes around now, so when we were all sent home I thought I would write up two lessons based on the classes I had planned and made them available for free as worksheets for homeschoolers.

‘’The first set of worksheets are designed for children in years 3 through 5 (between ages 7 and 10).

‘’They look at how we describe things, push kids to think more imaginatively, and then guide them towards making a poem or short prose piece.

‘’The sheets can be taught in one lesson or split into several sessions and are suitable for kids outside this age range as well (and adults, if you feel like distracting yourselves!)

‘’The second set of worksheets are more ambitious.

‘’They look at why we tell stories and what stories are. They then look at different versions of fairy stories, before encouraging the student to create their own adapted fairy story, and then to analyse what that story does.

‘’These sheets are designed for students in year 6 and above (age 10 and upwards) but could be suitable for more able and confident students in younger years. If, as a parent, you think the theory part might be too challenging, you can just ask your child to complete task 2 - which is the main creative writing challenge.

‘’This is currently only available in English, but if I’m able to make it available in welsh, I will.’’

You can find the homeschool resources here.

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