The Barry Music Shop

We are keeping normal opening hours unless conditions change. Hours are 9.30 am through to 5.30 pm Monday through to Saturday.

While we have the Corona Virus situation are we able to take telephone orders and payments and we are happy to deliver around our local area - after we have closed the shop each day.

All we will require is a name, address and telephone number.

We are also able to collect peoples guitars for re-string & repair for those of you in self Isolation - telephone us - we will give you a time for collection, upon arriving we will telephone you from a safe social distance - you place your guitar outside and close your door - we will pick up while you observe through a window.

When we take your guitar to our shop - we will give it firstly a deep clean with specialist cleaners that we use - that can destroy any virus or organisms on the guitar.

We will re-string/repair the guitar and then contact you using the reverse process of collecting it. If you require anything at all - repairs or purchase of other goods - just telephone us at any time - we will organise and deliver to you in a totally safe way!

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