Volunteers Haul 34 kg of Rubbish From Sully Beach

  Posted: 24.08.20 at 12:40 by Alex Jones

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A team of 28 volunteers took to Sully Beach yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, this time collecting 34 kg of rubbish from the shore.

Wielding litter pickers and bin bags, they not only clean the beach but also contribute to scientific awareness of ocean pollution in the process.

Items found are painstakingly surveyed and sent to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), helping the organisation understand what items are floating around our seas and how long it takes them to disintegrate.

“Last time we found a 50-year-old can,” event organiser Hannah Bevmoh told Nub News.

“It started off as a way to clean the beach and do our bit for the environment, but when I read about using it as a way to contribute to marine conservation science it morphed into that too.”

Sully Village Group (SVG) have been organising the event since 2018, and doing so alongside the MCS since 2019.

Findings are recorded and submitted to the MCS database (Photo credit: Hannah Bevmoh)

“It’s great to see how popular it is. I try to limit it to 30 people and we filled those spaces within a few days last time,” said Hannah.

“I think people in Sully are really community-minded and environmentally aware, so we’ll always have people willing to help out.”

Though environmentalism and cleanliness very much drive the event, Hannah says it’s not all hard-work and scientific rigour”

“It’s definitely a bit of a social thing too. We can’t do the refreshments afterwards at the moment because of COVID, but people definitely enjoy doing it.

“People are proud of where they live and want to look after it.”

(Photo credit: Hannah Bevmoh)

If you would like to help out next time, find the SVG on Facebook here:


The survey results will be posted there soon.

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